Denim Tank

Spring calls for lots of denim…in multiple colors! I love a nice denim top. It’s a great neutral to pair with all the other fun colors you’ll be wearing, and light weight. And when you find one with pretty details, it instantly becomes a favorite in your closet. This denim tank button up from Pink Blush is just that! It’s longer in the back, so it’s great to pair with leggings, has a slight fade in it, and has the cutest lace detailing on the bottom.


And y’all, I know I talk about nursing a lot…I know…but I seriously am doing it non-stop, so it’s always at the top of my head! Well…this is another perfect tank for nursing if you need to! It’s also nice and lightweight for the spring and summer. I paired it some fringe booties and my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE (did I mention they were my favorite?) postpartum leggings from Blanqi. I loved my maternity leggings from Blanqi, but I like these even more than those if possible. They’re a thicker material, but nothing that will make you hot in the warmer temps. They’re high rise (almost to my bust), and just make everything smooth and secure. They’ve definitely become part of my mom uniform.


And I threw on one of my favorite ponchos from Mar Y Lana when the temps started to cool down.

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Alright Spring, Do Your Thing.

It’s here! It happens the same day every year, and yet it’s such a day to rejoice when it actually happens! Because on March 20th, we know that even if it’s still snowing, warmth is just around the corner. I like to treat the first day of spring like a holiday. Buy some flowers for the house. Go on a walk in flip flops and no jacket. Maybe start putting sweaters away. Take a look in my bathing suit drawer. Perhaps, go on a casual run/walk to feel like I’m getting in shape for shorts season! You know you do it too!

Spring is just a feeling of rejuvenation. You feel like you’re 10 pounds lighter, even if you gained weight over the winter. You feel more motivated and ready to get your tasks checked off your list. For me, it was just vacuuming! I hadn’t done it since Hazel was born! Annndddd folding three (okay four) loads of laundry. Don’t judge! At least I got them washed.

Everything seemed to blossom in the south about a month early this time. I’m hoping that means our last freeze also took away all the pollen! Wouldn’t that be great? So, we’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of spring without the stickiness for a little while. Around us, there are some beautiful peach orchards, and peach trees have gorgeous blossoms. Because, you know…South Carolina has the best peaches. It’s not Georgia!


They’re almost like miniature cherry blossoms, except without the crowds surrounding them at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

And what better way to invite springtime in than with an off-shoulder ivory dress from Ingrid & Isabel. I love the length of this dress. It’s perfect for any activity (except working out maybe…), and you can throw on flip flops, booties, or wedges for different looks! You can even add a little belt and a hat for a nice style.


I love that it’s an unassuming and demure dress, but is so stylish and still shows a peak of skin. I think that some of women’s best features to highlight are their collar bones and shoulders, and this dress does just that. It’s beautiful. Perfect for pregnant and nursing mamas or for someone who’s looking for the perfect spring dress. Ingrid & Isabel also just released an off the should lace top that’s a similar style to this! That’ll be my next purchase!


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Some Postpartum Essentials

Second time around this block. This time, I knew what I needed to make my postpartum season and nursing easier, more comfortable, and practical for the life I live.

  1. Wrap

One of the first things I knew I wanted right after birth was a wrap. Now, for me this wasn’t even about getting right back into shape (although I am a health and fitness advocate). I wanted a wrap for support. After I had Hallen, I had the worst nursing back, and I couldn’t even wear her, because my stomach muscles were too weak. I did a lot of research and finally landed on the Belly Bandit. It seemed simple enough to use, and all the reviews were great. My sweet hubby got me this as a Christmas present, and I was beyond excited to finally use it. I didn’t actually put it on until the day we left the hospital as I was getting dressed and ready to leave. As soon as I put it on, I immediately thought, “oh no! I should have gotten the next size up!” It didn’t fit well. So, I ran right back to the box. My pre-pregnancy size was correct for the size I ordered…and then I read, “if it doesn’t fit the first day you put it on, try again the next day. Your uterus and still shrinking, and you’re still losing fluids.”

I had my husband help me get it around my stomach as tight as possible, and decided to just go with it. The box said to! And already the next day it fit significantly better. I wish I had taken a photo of day one to show you guys, so you could really see the difference!


These photos were taken three weeks postpartum. I pull the wrap as tight as I can get it. And now, the ends do meet. The first day, I could hardly velcro it together. I started going on walks the second day I was home. I forgot this wrap when we left, and I started feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach like I had just been punched 20 times. I knew it was because my abs still weren’t strong enough to hold me up (so to speak). We went back, grabbed the wrap, and I was able to walk around our neighborhood for a short walk. It’s amazing what you can’t do when your core isn’t strong. This wrap gave me stability, and it helped get me back to my pre-pregnancy shape.

2. Nursing Bra

Another essential is a great nursing bra! I’ve had several bras that I love with molded cups, but by the end of the day, I NEED to take them off. I got to try a seamless bra from Ingrid & Isabel, and LOVE it. It’s so soft, still gives me shape, and I could literally sleep in it. It’s easy to use with one hand when I’m nursing to unclasp and then clasp it back. There are removable pads for extra shape. It’s really soft, breathable fabric that makes you feel secure and look great under clothes still.


3. Nursing Nightgown

I’m sure there are many essentials that I’ll continue to add on to this list for you, but remember, my brain is only working at half capacity right now! So, I’m capping the list at three right now. That makes it easier for you to remember as well ha!

When I had Hallen, I got a nursing nightgown and LOVED it. I wore it over and over and over again. So, I knew I needed another one this time around. I tried one from one of my beloved brands, Ingrid & Isabel. It’s a sweet blush color (my favorite), and has the same ease of their bras when using it. There’s a clasp on both sides for drop down cups, and it’s easy to reattach when done. This just makes night time feedings a lot easier and a little more glamorous! Not that you’ll feel glamorous waking up all night, but it’ll be comfortable and you can even do it with your eyes closed!


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 Belly Bandit Post-Pregnancy Belly Wrap

Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Drop Cup Back Clasp Nursing Bra • Ingrid & Isabel

Ingrid & Isabel Drop Cup Nursing Chemise • Ingrid & Isabel

One Month Ago

First of all, HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY!! You may be going out, drinking green beer, and wearing a shamrock on your cheek with beads around your neck. Definitely not what I’ll be doing, so I’ll be living vicariously through your adventures tonight! Maybe I’ll at least put a shamrock sticker on my cheek. Hallen would probably like to wear one at least. We’ll actually be celebrating Hazel’s one month “birthday.” Or rather…one month ago I pushed Hazel out of you know where au natural, so I deserve a little celebration! Maybe a glass of wine…or to get real crazy some wine AND ice cream!

Little Hazelnut is a growing bean. She’s now 8lbs 80z and 21 inches long. Still figuring out her personality, but she’s definitely more feisty than Hallen was at this age. She sleeps well once you finally get her to sleep, but there’s a lot of rocking and butt patting involved. She only wakes up about two times a night, which is AWESOME! And she’s already fitting into her 0-3 month clothing. Wah! Growing up too quickly for my liking! She’s definitely a mama’s girl, which is a little tough for Hallen right now, but Hallen loves to kiss and hug on her 24/7.


It’s hard to know what to celebrate when there are two occasions on the same day. All I know is that I’m glad I’m not in the hospital pushing another baby out, and I’m happy to be back in my normal jeans without a hair tie around the button.  I still love that I can shop at my favorite maternity shops since they have great women’s wear and nursing options as well. I always hate having to part with a store after I fall in love with it. That’s why I adore Ingrid & Isabel. I’m still able to wear some of their clothes that are maternity/postpartum clothes. They don’t look funny…you know…like you should be pregnant to be wearing a certain top. The clothes just look normal.


This handkerchief tank is perfect! Perfect for this season, perfect fit, and perfect for a nursing and postpartum body. Ingrid & Isabel nailed it with this one. I also have the long sleeve version if you remember it from this post. I think it’s also a must have. They’re both long enough to wear with a pair of leggings, but also perfect for jeans and shorts.

I paired it with my new favorite color of the Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy – the mint color, but today I’m calling it light green just so you can’t pinch me. Because this  IS my St. Patrick’s Day outfit!


How cool is this adorable little creperie we finally got to eat at?! I think it’ll become a staple for us just because of the name!HandkerchiefTank-9HandkerchiefTank-8

So, happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll be partying it up with these two spring chicks!CloudsandClovers-6CloudsandClovers-8

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Hallen & Hazel’s pieces

Shorties – Little Nugget Knits

Rainbow bib/scarf – Little & Luxe Shop

Headbands -Charlotte’s Webtique

Months & Holidays blankets – Batz Kids

Fur booties – Brave Threads

Onesie – Trendy Cactus

Fox Mary Janes – Gracious May

Bunny  – Hudson Heart & Co.

Blush is the New Black

I’m seeing blush everywhere this season! It’s everyone’s favorite shoe, top, pair of pants, accessory, and bag. And I have to say…I’m in that crowd. It’s such a sweet color and it’s a great neutral. Blush is such a nice change from the winter black (not that spring is taking my black from me), and a better transition color than just tan.


I can’t think of one skin tone that it doesn’t compliment and look good on. And this zipper blouse from Pink Blush is a great staple piece to start with. It’s nice and relaxed, so you can pair it with any bottom…and for you nursing moms, the zipper makes nursing  your babe easy! That’s always something I’m looking for in tops now.


A zipper detail is always one of my favorite things on clothing. Whether its a large zipper on the back of the dress, side zips on skinny ankle jeans, or a small zipper on my top. It just adds a little bit of chic to your outfit.

You may be seeing this top more than you want to in my spring wardrobe. It’s so soft and light weight. I just hope our spring weather comes back soon! I am glad to be in the south so that the snow we got this week melted by the afternoon. All you northerners had to deal with FEET of snow. Yikes! Maybe you just need to wear some blush to feel like it’s springtime…or drink some rosé in your rose colored glasses!


I paired this top with some crisp white Joe’s Jeans and some wedges. The perfect spring outfit. I even stayed comfortable pushing our new Baby Jogger double stroller around without breaking a sweat (it could be because the winter winds started coming in, but I’m going to attribute it to the stretch in all the fabrics, and ease of the stroller of course)! Review of the stroller coming soon and why we chose it!

Hazel’s carseat is all snuggled in my favorite carseat cover from Trendy Treehouse. So many fabrics to choose from to customize it for you and your sweet babe.

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